Double Standards in Libya?

Double Standards in Libya?
16th April 2011

While the West and the media report on how Gaddafi forces are fighting in the streets – well that’s what happens in a civil war doesn’t it? – Rebel forces have been Executing, Beheading, and Mutilating anyone in the  Gaddafi Army who Surrender! Proof of this can be seen by the many videos posted on YouTube by these so called rebels. Where is CNN? Where is the BBC?

Double Standards seem to apply : Gaddafi forces are bad for trying to take back cities (even though that is what Government forces do in a civil war), but its okay for the ‘Rebels’ to behave like animals.

Is this an example of things to come ‘if’ the rebels take power?

What happens once Gaddafi is gone, his regime collapses, and the rebels win? When such vacuums emerge, the results are unpredictable, at best. The world needs no further example of the costs of not preparing for the post-combat phase of an intervention than what it has seen in Iraq.

Check out one of these videos at and you must be signed into YouTube and be over 18 to view it. More of these videos are listed on the right of the YouTube page.

And the questions of why the West is there hasn’t been really answered has it? Is it because the UK and France have HUGE business investments there? Is it because of Oil? Why not attack these places as people are rising up and their governments are using force to suppress them :  Bahrain (because it is the US Navy 7th Fleet Base & a western Allie)? Syria (way too hard and would make thing worse)? Jordan (western Allie), Saudi Arabia (western Allie).

Do you now think Iran or North Korea will give up it’s Nuclear program? Iraq did and was attacked. Libya did and was attacked.

It must also be noted that it was reported by western media that Gaddafi forces used cluster type weapons during the week in the city of Misrata. Headlines now state that Gaddafi forces are using cluster bombs which are banned by most of the international community. What they don’t say is Libya isn’t a signatory to this agreement which is also NOT signed by the USA – another double standard being played out.

The Double Standard in Libya continues . . . .


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