The eFA League

The eFA League
18th April 2011

A new start-up, called the eFA League, located in London (UK) which is currently looking for a major partner/sponsor has been in the works for the past 3 months. So far all the Social Media has been created, lower and middle partners/sponsors secured, TV Channel/Company secured, and tens of thousands of people have signed up for it’s pre-selection games.

What is the eFA League?

The eFA League is a competition for football fans and console gamers. Each week of the football season, a team of two contestants, representing each football club in the Premiership(™) will compete in a shadow league of the real division. Points will be accrued across the season. Fixtures mirror those in the real league and competitors will be competing in televised matches at the eFA stadium in London, every weekend. At the end of the season there will be a final and the winning eTeam will win the eFA Cup.

Players will be handsomely reimbursed for their efforts, gaining more money if they win their games. Substantial prizes await the teams who do best at the end of the 38 game season. Imagine taking your supported team into the eStadium arena week in week out and competing against your fiercest rivals.

All games will run in line with the actual Premier League(™) fixture list on a weekly basis. Games are played on Saturday & Sunday. The eFA is an organisation that officially regulates and organises the eFA League along with its commercial partners and the football clubs. The eFA is dedicated to bringing both football fans, ePlayers and the audience a gaming experience like never before seen on TV, as well as the promotion of football.

The opportunity for a company or even investors to be involved in the eFA League by becoming the the major partner right now! Just like the major football competition in the UK is called the ‘Barclays Premier League’, the major partner would be displayed ‘majornamehere eFA League’.

It is envisaged that the first year the eFA League will have a good following, and by the second year it will have grown considerably, and the third year the popularity will be huge. Right now there are over 50,000 people signed up to be selected to represent their favourite football team. Imagine how many will sign up by year 3!

Contact the eFA League via their web site at

eFA League Twitter : @electronicFA


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