Gaddafi wanted to nationalize oil, is this the Reason for war?

Gaddafi wanted to nationalize oil, is this the Reason for war?
21st April 2011

In 2009, the Libyan leader proposed the nationalization of U.S. oil companies, as well as those of UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Canada and Italy. It was on January 25 2009, that Muammar Al Gaddafi announced that his country was studying the nationalization of foreign companies due to lower oil prices. He said “The oil-exporting countries should opt for nationalization because of the rapid fall in oil prices. We must put the issue on the table and discuss it seriously. Oil should be owned by the State at this time, so we could better control prices by the increase or decrease in production.”

Of course these statements have worried the main foreign companies operating in Libya: Anglo-Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, U.S. ExxonMobil, Hess Corp., Marathon Oil, Occidental Petroleum and ConocoPhillips, the Spanish Repsol, Germany’s Wintershall, Austria’s OMV , Norway’s Statoil, Eni and Canada’s Petro Canada.

On February 16 2009, Gaddafi took a step further and called on Libyans to back his proposal to dismantle the government and to distribute the oil wealth directly to the 5 million inhabitants of the country. Senior Libyan government officials voted to delay Gaddafi’s plans. Only 64 ministers from a total of 468 Popular Committee members voted for the measure. There were 251 who saw the measures as positive, but chose to delay their implementation. Given the rejection of the Committee, Gaddafi affirmed before a public meeting: “My dream during all these years was to give the power and wealth directly to the people.” We have been told time and time again that Gaddafi is a dictator who robs from his people.

Plans for the Nationalization of the Oil was then put in place and initial discussions where attended by Oil company representatives.

Then a stroke of luck for the Oil companies. Tunisia and Egypt had a popular uprising.

Small protests started in Benghazi, with protesters holding very professional, Photoshopped anti-Gaddafi posters along with signs being held upside down by people not knowing the alphabet placed on the signs. Calls for Gaddafi’s removal was then heard by European Leaders like the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the French Prime Minister Sarkozy.

Things have escalated  with NATO now enforcing a no-fly zone, which is mainly over the important oil facilities, fields and cities, and the “Rebels” selling oil to QATAR. Of course the sale of this oil is illegal under the UN Security Resolutions. The arming of the “Rebels” is also illegal under the UN Security Resolutions.

Today it was announced Italian and French Military Advisers will also be sent to help the “Rebels” along side the UK Military Advisers announced yesterday. This is also illegal under the UN Security Resolutions.

Is the plan to Nationalize the Oil the real reason behind this?


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