Libya : Mission Creep (again)

Libya : Mission Creep (again)
24th May 2011

The West is again about to flaunt UN Resolutions on Libya with the UK and French about to send “attack helicopters”. What was only to be about a no-fly zone, has now expanded with Military Advisers and now attack helicopters. It is obvious the main mission by the West is to get rid of Gaddafi, even though the UN Resolution was not about this.

French Defence Minister Gerard Longuet said on Monday that Britain would follow France in using attack helicopters against Col Gaddafi. He said that the use of helicopters would not represent an escalation of the mission, and insisted, it was only a “tactical shift” to improve the ability to strike moving targets more precisely. However some military sources do regard the use of French attack helicopters and UK Apache attack helicopters as an escalation of the campaign.


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