3 Reasons to move to WP7 (Mango)

3 Reasons to move to WP7 (Mango)
25th May 2011

Microsoft demonstrated on Tuesday at least 20 of the 500 ways Mango is better than Windows Phone 7. But even 20 improvements is too many for most people to easily comprehend. Here are 3 reasons why I think people will move to WP7 at the end of this year.

  1. Internet Explorer 9 integration
    If you’re a speed nut (and who isn’t?), you might appreciate that Mango is running a full desktop version of the IE9 browser, not a mobile variation.
  2. Quick cards and Bing integration
    Microsoft describes quick cards as a way for a user making a Bing search to get a quick summary of relevant information, including related apps. In one demonstration of quick cards, Microsoft showed a search for the movie Water for Elephants, which resulted in show times, ratings and a quick synopsis rather than taking you to a separate website. They then clicked on the IMDB application, which quickly opened to a specific section of the online film database for the movie.
    Bing search is also being enhanced with visual searches. In another demo, Microsoft took a photo of a book, which launched a quick card that gave reviews and places where the book could be purchased online, including Amazon’s Kindle app. Then tapped the Kindle app and downloaded the book to the phone for future reading.
  3. Office, Xbox and Skype
    Mango includes an updated version of the Office suite that will ship with new versions of Excel, One Note and PowerPoint. Among the improvements, users will be able to highlight cells in Excel to change data.
    The upgrade will also include the Internet voice and video service Skype to allow users to make Skype calls from Windows Phones.
    Mango will also have an Xbox Live gaming capability, the only smartphone OS to do so. Users will be able to see a friend list, and every game on the device can be accessed through the Xbox Live tile on the home screen in Mango, Microsoft said.

I for one will be moving from my current Android device, a Samsung Galaxy S to one of the new WP7 (Mango) OS phones when they are available, and as I said in the previous post, I will be moving to a Nokia device as they also have the best camera lenses on the mobile phones (Carl Zeiss).


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