£42,000 an hour per Apache

£42,000 an hour per Apache
26th May 2011

It costs the UK taxpayer £42,000 an hour during peacetime to keep an Apache attack helicopter in the air.Te UK has announced it is sending them to Libya to enter the battle.

These cost rise during war.

  1. At war the Apaches work a lot harder.
  2. They attract metal; and they require repairs, fuel, and a base
  3. You’ve got the cost of a ship or on the ground support.

The cost to the taxpayer of flying an Apache during peacetime is £42,000 an hour. That is £7,000 more than it costs to keep a Tornado in the air for an hour, at £35,000, while a Eurofighter Typhoon costs £70,000 an hour – taking into account the cost of fuel, staffing and maintenance. This doesn’t include the cost of missiles and other armaments.

In parliament the Liberal Democrats said that sending Apache helicopters into Libya would see a move from desert warfare to urban warfare, and a sharp rise in the cost of war. It is estimated that even without the Apaches, the cost would exceed £1 Billion by August this year.

The Conservative/Liberal Government is cutting spending on health, education and other major programs which effect real people in the UK, but can waste this money on the Libyan conflict.

Why aren’t politicians in all three parties saying anything and cutting the funding off to this war? Destroy the young’s education prospects, reduce services in the National Health Service, cut welfare to the needy, but its okay to attack Libya. Isn’t it time that the UK and other Western powers get out of Libya and leave the civil war that is currently under way? Prime Minister David Cameron in all his talk about social equity and fairness seems to not care really about the people of the UK. Use the money on the UK and not on foreign adventures

A no-fly zone has turned into regime change and as I posted yesterday, this is again a good example of ‘mission creep’. The UK parliament must get a spine and stop this now.

As the song goes “War, what is it good for?” Looks like the answer is David’s ego and the industrial war complex.


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