Fake Samsung 500Gb Hard Drive from China

Fake Samsung 500Gb Hard Drive from China
6th June 2011

Chinese Engineers did it again. It seems like they have adopted a trend of making copies of the latest gadgets in a larger scale and in very less time. This time, a Chinese Engineer manipulated a Samsung 500GB Hard Drive and turned it into an infinity capacity hard drive or so it was assumed.

The trend of replicating latest products, manipulating and selling them is going on with a fine pace in this era in China. Not everyone can identify which product is genuine and which product is the Replica and in this confusion, the consumers get ripped off when they choose the replica thinking it is genuine or as good as the genuine one. Whether its iPhone,Movies or any other new gadgets , almost everything gets replicated and launched in the market resulting into great profits to the replicas makers.

Replica can be launched as fast as genuine products but it always comes with some glitches in them. There are always many possibilities of glitches in the replicas , like an “iPhone” may look good from outside just like the real “iPhone” but there’s always lack of real OS in it.

The hard drive that has infinite capacity was discovered when a Computer engineer in Russia who lives nearby the Chinese border, got a 500GB Hard Drive for repairing.

The engineer was of course surprised getting a brand new Samsung 500GB Hard Drive for repairing. Although it looked great from the outside but somehow it had got some issues which stopped it from working properly.

The hard drive reports that its capacity is full and it even shows each and every file transferring to it with no problem. But the owner of that hard drive reported that when he transferred a movie which was 1.5GB in size, to his hard drive, he found only the last few minutes of the movie present in it.

There were many things that occurred under the sheets as the Chinese makers claimed to changing the capacity of the Samsung 500GB Hard Drive into an infinity capacity hard drive. In the above picture, there are two large nuts of metal which are placed in pair to support a 128MB flash drive. Moreover, the nuts were placed to give some weight to the drive and make the feel of it as similar to the real hard drive .

The tricky thing in the drive is that it’s just a simple 128MB flash drive which behaves like it provides infinite capacity. In other words, it’s a fake. The most interesting thing about it is that it stores the data up-to its capacity from the computer it’s connected to & after that it starts deleting all the data as soon as it’s left with the last part of the file. Rest of the file remains untouched and the size of the incomplete file remaining in the drive is reported as correct size.

It’s like a treasure for File-sharers, who have a strong belief on that hard drive and they are buying it without any doubt about it. They are bugged off after using it and knowing that it is nothing but useless piece of metal and waste of money.