320K Quality Music Streaming

320K Quality Music Streaming
19th July 2011

KryKey Web Radio has positioned itself at the top of the music streaming services as it has been streaming now at the very high 320Kps for over 6 months now. Anyone who listens can immediately hear the difference as the music is richer, the bass is deeper, the vocals are crisp. The have set up a demonstration radio station which is currently playing Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds” and Dire Straits “Making Movies”. The WOTW playlist is nearly 2 hours in length but has got to be heard. Make sure of course you are not listening to the music on some cheap $5.00 Chinese made crap speakers.

To listen go to http://listen2.KryKeyRadioStation.info and after your amazed with the quality, check out the many radio stations on the site at www.KryKey.com


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