Nokia Lumia 800 with WP7 (Mango)

Nokia Lumia 800 with WP7 (Mango)
17th November 2011

Today my Nokia Lumia 800 (with WP7 Mango) arrived today and this is my first impressions over the last 6 hours. I’ll post another blog after I get a week or two under my belt using it. I wont go over the specs of the phone as many reports and articles have already covered this. The photos on here today are from unboxing it and after a few changes. The first and second photos show the blue box it came in.  The the third photo is the front of the phone still wrapped in the plastic and the forth photo is the back of the phone. The fifth photo is what was in the box, which included the phone itself, the plug for the power, a USB cable which is both for the connection of the phone to the computer and the phone to the power plug, and the earphones.

The phone itself it a very high quality and has some weight behind it and it feels ‘sold’, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S I previously owned. The phone is unlocked so it can be used with other SIMs anywhere in the world. The SIM itself uses the micro-SIM, so before using it I had to get my SIM cut to size.

I downloaded the Zune software and installed it and then after turning it on and going through the start-up menu, I connected it to my computer (running Windows 7) and wanted to transfer my contacts and calendar from Outlook 201o to the phone. Surprised I found that you cannot sync from Outlook to the phone directly. You have to first sync to Windows Live and then sync to the phone. Microsoft dropped the ball here as I and what I saw in the many forums, is that people want to sync directly with Outlook. Why couldn’t I sync my contacts/Calendar direct from Outlook and then if I want back these up to Windows Live. The second thing I don’t like is not being able to access the files of the phone via Windows Explorer. I found a registry tweak where I could access the storage of the phone (see it here).

This is the first time I have owned and had a hands-on time with Windows Phone 7, as previously I had  a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.3. I also have a Samsung Galaxy 7″ Tablet running Android 2.3 and my wife has an Apple iPad 2 now running iOS5. The Nokia Lumia 800 is quick in what it does, and anything I used was seamless with no stuttering, unlike the Galaxy S. It is refreshing that WP7 is different from Android and iOS. After an hour or so I really like the WP7 tile system. They are live and I can see what is going on, I can add what I want on the front screen and put them in the position I want. Live tiles are what it should be, unlike Androids and iOS lifeless & dead buttons. Over the next days Ill be accessing Social networks while on the move, posting photos, tweeting and really giving the phone a real-life workout.

But my first impressions in just a few hours is the phone is beautiful and the OS is great and I’m looking forward as I learn more what it can do and I think it will be nice to once again use a phone.

The Nokia Lumia 800 and 700 are now available in most countries in Western Europe, and is expected to be in the USA in the New Year, although I hear that it will be the Nokia Lumia 900 with a bigger screen. The UK has them on contracts as low as 25 pounds a month and up to 460 pounds to buy them outright and unlocked.

Lastly the phone has also has a 8Mp camera with a Karl Zeiss lens and this was one of the main reasons I wanted it. Tomorrow Ill take photos during the day and at night and will post them in the next day or so on this blog.

Until then . . . . .


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