Photo Device Shoot Out – Part 1

Photo Device Shoot Out – Part 1
20th November 2011

This weekend I went to Kensington Park in London early in the morning at sunrise and took photos with my Canon EOS D400 SLR, Kodak Z812, Samsung Galaxy S and the new Nokia Lumia 800. Many of the photos were taken of the same thing by each device as I wanted to see what the difference and quality was between them. Overall as you would expect, the Canon EOS D400 SLR took the best ones. I’ve always been impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S photos taken in good light. The Kodak Z812 is a great point-n-shoot camera and as always Kodak has a great Schneider lens. Plus the new kid on the block the Nokia Lumia 800 with the always great Karl Zeiss lens. All camera settings were on ‘auto’. First the specs:

•    Canon EOS D400 SLR : 18mm-50mm Sigma Lens, f/2.8-4.5, 10 MP resolution
•    Kodak Z812 : 36mm-432mm Schneider Lens, f/2.8–f/4.8, 8.2 MP resolution
•    Nokia Lumia 800 : 28mm Karl Zeiss Lens, f/2.2, 8 MP resolution
•    Samsung Galaxy S : 3.79mm Lens, f/2.6, 5 MP resolution

I’ll put the photos side-by-side and you can judge which one is better than the others – please not these are not full resolution pics as they have been compressed, but you should still see a difference.

The first four photos are of the sunrise, all devices were set on auto.

Canon EOS D400
Kodak Z812
Nokia Lumia 800
Samsung Galaxy S

The nexy set of photos are of the iconic Red Telephone box found all over London. This toime there are only three photos by the Canon, Nokia and Samsung.

Canon EOS D400
Nokia Lumia 800
Samsung Galaxy S

Finally the next three photos are of the Prince Albert Memorial:

Canon EOS D400
Nokia Lumia 800
Samsung Galaxy S

So what did I get out of this test? Well as expected the Canon EOS D400 obviously takes better photos, the Samsung Galaxy S quality is amazing but the colors are too bright and look artificial and also photos are closer than the other to due to the lens focal length. The Nokia Lumia 800 colors are more natural than the Galaxy S.The Kodak Z812 does a good all round job as a point-and-shoot.

So in conclusion, in daylight, the Canon is the camera to take photos with, the Kodak is a great camera to take photos when I’m in a hurry, and the Nokia Lumia 800 is the one to use when I haven’t got a dedicated camera, even though the Samsung Galaxy S still takes some great shots, but they just look not quite realistic. The next blog will have the same devices taking photos is low light and with a Flash, which will surely test the phone cameras.


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