Getting Outlook Contacts to sync with Windows Phone 7

Getting Outlook Contacts to sync with Windows Phone 7
3rd Decmeber 2011

One of the major problems of WP7 is the synchronization with Outlook. As in a previous blog I mentioned it is a major failing of Microsoft – maybe someone should make an App?

I was really not sure if I could live with using Microsoft Live and from now on regularly copy all my contacts and appointments manually to the live addin of outlook at home (where I use POP3 only) and at work (Exchange, that is not public in Internet – so no chance for WP7 to sync) After several days of investigation – there is no API or Tool to synchronize your existing outlook PST contacts or any other contacts with Live, except for using the Live Connector that adds a new calendar, new contacts and new email folders to your outlook. You need to stick on copying your items manually or move completely to Live. So it’s not a Synchronization as used before with good old ActiveSync. But there is a solution and two tools that give me you the old abilities back:

The Solution:
Synchronization of Outlook with Live does not work the same way it did with ActiveSync. But synchronization with Google Mail does, and that’s the solution to get your contacts and calendar synced with your WP7, even on multiple PCs (Home & Work)

1)    Get a Google Mail Account
2)    Download the Google Calendar Sync Tool from Google
3)    Download the freeware open source tool GO Contact Sync Mod from SourceForge (
4)    Synchronize your Outlook (no matter if PST or Exchange) with Google
5)    Synchronize your WP7 with Google (setup to use just Calendar and Contacts, no E-Mail if not used)

Now you have always all your contacts and calendar synchronized on all of your devices. I think at least the solution should be interesting to know for all WP7 owners that are claiming to miss their ActiveSync. I know this is no solution for E-Mails, but these should be gathered via IMAP or POP3 anyways, so I think this is the best practice solution.


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