Windows Phone 7 (WP7)

Windows Phone 7 (WP7)
24th January 2012

WP 7 will win the war against Apple and Android. The reason is the positive sales impulse that Xbox, Cloud (Office 365) and especially W8 will have on WP. Windows has a userbase of more than 520 million customers each year. This is the strong user base that Apple and Google will have to contend with when it comes to WP and W8. W8 will kill the tablet market for Android with it’s convetible W8 tabletcomputer. Google has no defence against W8, especially not in the enterprise market. It’s two in one function (computer and tablet) will also give it the top position with consumers. Developers will flock to W8 to get to those 500 million customers. Apple will also be degraded. The high prices which the Ipad commands will not stand against a reasonably prices two in one W8 tabletcomputer. W8  and WP7 integration will be key to WP7 success.

Like Novel and Netscape, the iPhone and Android will be embraced and extended into submission.  MS has the funds to keep going till the Windows phone becomes the new PC.  A few more years and we’ll have fast enough phone hardware and easy to use wireless video connections to next gen HD TVs that the “windows phone” will be all the corp user will need at home or in the office.  All that is needed will be the new Windows phone, a wireless headset, a next gen HD TV, and wireless input devices like keyboard and mouse.  Printing and scanning will be on smart all in one IP based devices on the network and virtualization will enable user to run secure corporate Apps and access their own ‘social’ toolz ‘securely’.

Ovum’s Telecoms In 2011 report predicts that Windows Phone 7 will be the fastest-growing smartphone OS. Still, Ovum isn’t the only analyst firm to believe that Windows Phone 7 sales will surge. IHS says that Windows Phone 7 will knock the iPhone from its number two spot in smartphones by 2015, jumping to 16.7% market share, squeaking by iOS at 16.6% and well behind Android’s 58.1%. Ovum also says that developers will start to flock to Windows Phone 7 this year. The company’s recently released developer survey says that Windows Phone 7 will gain significant developer interest this year.


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