Microsoft to Support 120 Languages on Windows Phone Tango

Microsoft to Support 120 Languages on Windows Phone Tango
31st January 2012

Microsoft is working on new version of its mobile operating system. Windows Phone Tango was unveiled in August last year and now new details have emerged about the mobile platform. Windows Phone Tango is expected to support about 120 languages. Its predecessor Mango currently supports 35 languages. The new feature will help Microsoft in tapping hitherto undiscovered markets.

Microsoft made this announcement as a developer event held in India. Microsoft mobile platform competitor Android supports 55 languages while iOS is compatible with 34 languages.

It is also being rumored that Tango may also support C++ native coding. This feature will help gaming coders to utilize the hardware in most efficient way. Microsoft may opt to go for this feature as its competitor Android already offers the Native Development Kit or NDK for this purpose.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 has failed to make a huge impact in the market. In such case, the Redmond company is expected to come up with an alternative plan. Instead of wrestling with big players like iOS and Android in developed markets, Microsoft is now focusing its attention on developing markets with good potential. The company is also allegedly working on Windows Phone 8, codenamed as Apollo. While Tango is likely to target low end mobile market, Apollo is expected to focus on upper end.


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