The Nokia Lumia 710

[this is a guest Blog by James Burns who has just acquired a Nokia Lumia 710 and has kindly written down his thoughts on the phone and sent in a high resolution photo taken using the 710 – click on image for full res]

The Nokia Lumia 710
30th May 2012

This phone is an all round “instant classic” the internet is instant. There is no lag from 3G connection like iPhone and other smart phones. I am a previous owner of Nokia products. Last one before this one was the X6 I was not impressed at all and I was suspicious to start but I am more than impressed. I had before this an iPhone and BlackBerry and was fairly happy at them, not now! I had also owned other smartphones by HTC, Samsung, and others and was underwhelmed by them all.

I got this phone and for the first day used WiFi only. I was amazed by the speed of the downloads of the apps! It was like 20 seconds maximum. I was shocked. The phone is fast and impressive from start up and the emails are amazing as the graphics of the images are crystal clear! Just like reading an email on my laptop.

I was also impressed with the camera, yes it may only be 5 mega pixels it is extremely clear and refined quality. The mp3 player was also really good. Loud and clear sounds. It was extremely high quality sounds and loud is an understatement! The internal memory is 5GB roughly which is more than enough as a starting point. The “people hub” is very comprehensive and the multilayer is amazing it integrates really well.

The charge when put on initial lengthy charge it will last for around 50 hours even with media usage and downloads. Which I have to say is around 3 times longer than any iPhone and 5 times longer than my BlackBerry which is a big deal for me!

To sum it up i would recommend this phone to everyone if you can’t afford the 800 or 800  as this will not disappoint you.   This phone blows everything that was released previously out of the water! Cash for quality its like theft!


P.S the attached photo is of a boating pond in Girvan, Scotland
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