Samsung Galaxy Camera (with Android 4.1)


Samsung Galaxy Camera (with Android 4.1)
12th January 2013

The Samsung Galaxy Camera that we won by submitting a photo in a competition arrived today. The weight behind it is nice and just personally gives me quality feel to it. The camera comes in black and white, they sent me a white version. This camera is the first with Android 4.1 installed and what you have in your hand is small tablet with a large lens on the front. It has a memory card and a SIM card slot. Samsung hasn’t been shy in just trying anything in the tech area and seeing what sticks. Look at the Galaxy Note – who would have thought they would have sold 10m of those and started a whole new genre of device. Same for this camera. Will others follow? Its now on to fully charge and after go out and take photos, which will be posted here. So here is the Samsung Galaxy Camera being unboxed (photos by Nokia Lumia 900) and turned on for the first time, and in the next posts will follow photos taken with it.

WP_000328 WP_000330 WP_000336 WP_000337


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