Time For A New Phone

Nokia Lumia 900

Time For A New Phone
10th July 2013

The Nokia Lumia 900 is now over a year old and a few weeks ago the screen cracked after being heavily dropped, so the Nokia Lumia 925 had just come out, but that was unfortunately tied to one phone company and could not be bought outright. But now just days away on July 11th, Nokia will be announcing it’s new flag ship phone and it is rumored to have the same camera that has made the Nokia Pureview 808 an awesome device for photographers. This is what will replace the 900 for me, so here is what we know so far:

Images reported to be taken by the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 have been leaked by Microsoft Windows Phone Manager Joe Belfiore in advance of Nokia’s upcoming launch event on Thursday.  The Lumia 1020, previously codenamed the EOS, is getting a lot of attention for its impressive 41 MP camera. This photo below.

DONE!  3rd Marathon in 3 Countries in 6 months!  WOO HOO!

The number of megapixels isn’t the only thing that’s getting Lumia 1020 this much buzz.  After all, the Lumia 808 also comes with a 41 MP sensor.  Additional features and advanced software on the 1020 are making it sound more like a camera-smartphone hybrid than a smartphone with a killer camera. One rumored feature on the 1020 is the ability to snap 5 MP and 32 MP shots simultaneously: the former for immediate sharing and the latter for printing or saving.  Plus, Belfiore’s leaked photos showed up at different sizes (2947×1658 and 2352×1568), suggesting that you can adjust the resolution of your images.  This would be a welcome feature for many photographers who frequently fill up their internal memory snapping pictures of kittens. Additionally, the Lumia 1020 will use Nokia’s Pureview sensor (also featured on the 920 and 808) to take high quality images in low light situations.  The 1020’s camera is also expected to include sophisticated (if not new) photography options like: Optic Image Stabilization, LED and Xenon flash, a “lossless zoom” feature, and settings for ISO, white balance, manual focus, and shutter speed.

These photos below show what it ‘may’ look like:

nokia-lumia-eos nokia-lumia-eos-4

Nokia Announcement July 11th NYC USA.


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