Nokia Lumia 1020 41Mp Pureview


Nokia Lumia 1020 41Mp Pureview
28th September 2013

The much anticipated Nokia Lumia 1020 41Mp Pureview Windows Phone was released across Europe over the last two weeks and this week we got ours. This was to replace the Nokia Lumia 900. After opening it I was again impressed with the design Nokia has come up with and immediately noticed it is lighter than the Lumia 900 and even with the large camera lens section was also thinner than the 900. This time the color chosen was white as the previous phones have always been black.

IMG_1769After charging the phone and setting it up, we jumped on the London underground at took the train to Tower Hill which was the closest station to the Tower Bridge (usually mistaken as ‘London Bridge’) and the Tower of London complex. Arriving as the sun was setting the first photo of the evening was of the Tower of London and the White Tower inside against the sunset forming. All the photos were taken with the settings on ‘auto’.

WP_20130927_18_50_11_ProThe photo is impressive for a camera phone as the definition of the artificial lighted areas, the White Tower in the background, and the different shades of light, have been captured by this device. A few meters later was the Tower Bridge, and again the camera captured it nicely. As the sun set the light faded and the camera was going to be tested.

WP_20130927_18_47_49_ProThe Shard is currently the tallest building in Europe, this photo was taken across the water of the Thames of the building and the ones around it and as you can see the light has faded a lot and the camera again captured it in great detail, but there was a bit of noise creeping on across the sky.

WP_20130927_19_04_31_ProThe bridge below was captured by the 1020 what can only be described as ‘amazing’. The detail along the bridge in each colored section was astonishing for a camera phone. Again the sky had some noise across it.

WP_20130927_19_12_42_ProThe next photo was taken near Piccadilly Circus with ‘no’ flash and the quality is quite good. The camera itself can be adjusted just like a DSLR, but for the first outing at night, the standard auto settings were chosen.

WP_20130927_20_24_30_ProSt. Paul’s Cathedral is always a good subject matter in either night or day and the photo below is the front of the Cathedral. Again the camera took a great detailed photo.

WP_20130927_19_27_28_ProAnd lastly the photo below is of one of the West End theaters and the camera captured the detail and colors incredibly well.

WP_20130927_20_19_29_ProNow over the next days and weeks the camera will be played with, adjusted, tested, and some even better photos from the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be posted here and on the Flickr account.


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