Goodbye Facebook

SpeedingDragon has been on Facebook since 2009, and what we suspected over that time was; for a small to medium business, Facebook is relatively useless. Two years ago we broke that only 16% of those that ‘liked’ the businesses Facebook page, actually saw what was being posted. Then this year it went down to 6.5%. But of course the “fix” was to pay Facebook every month to get that up to over 70%. A move that immediately made it difficult for many businesses to go that route as things have been tough since 2009. But it just doesn’t work – I have yet to see any tangible figures that show a big positive for one of these small to medium businesses. Sure there will be some exceptions to the norm, but that is the same anywhere.

As of 1st of August, SpeedingDragon will be deleting the page we have on Facebook.

So, its goodbye Facebook, we don’t need you, Twitter works a lot better.


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