Reading Not Writing

WP_20141108_23_51_15_ProAn issue has arisen that someone (who I might add has completely over-reacted – but they are American, so I should have expected it) thought the text on the books I was reading, I was passing off as that I wrote the text. The person went crazy. Quite a surprise. So in the interests of full disclosure : First of all, the heading says “reading“, it doesn’t say ‘read’, or ‘this is my opinion’ or ‘this is what i thought’, it says READING. I use to just post the covers, but a few people asked me to add a description, and so I added them as I start reading the book. That word again, “reading“. Each of the descriptions of the last 5 books or so have been copied directly off the place I bought them – Amazon. In fact each one of them has ‘by Amazon’ at the end of each one. If anyone else thought otherwise, it was an oversight I just didn’t think about, didn’t even cross my mind. In the future, the covers will be posted, the descriptions will be copied and labeled as they are now.


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