The Modern Smartphone, Delayed By 8 Years?

imageIts around that time where the people laud Steve Jobs for creating the iPhone and bringing in the smartphone revolution, but did he start it or delay it for 8 years? 8 years ago the original iPhone was introduced to the world, and as most think the modern smartphone owe everything to that iPhone, in truth do all modern smartphones owe it all to Windows Mobile?

The iPhone is the dead-end road of the evolution of the smartphone, with Jobs introducing the smartphone that is a locked down device with one source of apps, with one size to fit all, with a high price and limited use.

Today the OS that has 80% of the market looks more like Windows Mobile than it does with iOS that has 10%. It let’s you use a powerful flexible and affordable device that you have control over. The iPhone (or iOS) does not.

The OS that will become the next “Windows” of mobile will let you skin it any way you want, built it into your fridge if you want to, any device, run any app from any 3rd party app store, use a microSD card, send files via Bluetooth, use a pen to draw on the screen and all the freedoms we took for granted in the Windows Mobile days before the iPhone was introduced.

Steve Jobs delayed us having a powerfully flexible and affordable device, that you have control over – 8 years ago. He gave us inflexibly controlled expensive devices when at the time Windows Mobile was already a pocket PC that had functions equal to today’s Android devices. The early success of the iPhone, much like the iPad, led many companies, including Microsoft,  to copy Steve’s philosophies, but in the absence of his showmanship that was doomed to fail and it has.

Microsoft looks like they have realized that what they had in the beginning – a pocket PC – is what people want, with that device also able to make calls if required. Windows 10 will have one OS on all the devices that use one app on any of them. Android apps should be able to be installed on Windows 10. Making Windows 10+ the OS where just like it’s old desktop brother, you can install any 3rd party program would put Microsoft back in front again with “Windows Mobile”.



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