Facebook Failures

Many Facebook products have failed. Instead of fixing the issues with Facebook, the owner who thinks he is some tech god (he just got lucky) thinks he can produce more hits. Facebook’s desire to convert its 600 million users into paying customers for advertisers is only the latest attempt. All previous attempts failed. Here’s a list of bold new Facebook products, designed to monetize users, replace Internet features or boost engagement. Now he is trying to make the messenger platform a platform – it will just add more crap to the feed which is what none wants. It is most likely Oculas Rift will also go the same way. Here is the ash heap of failed Facebook products:

  • Facebook Home, which was an attempt to put Facebook as a skin on top of Android.
  • Facebook Deals, a coupon service launched in 2011.
  • Facebook Gifts, a way for Facebook members to send actual, physical gifts to other members — gifts like candy, cookies and stuffed animals.
  • Facebook Offers, basically coupons that could be redeemed when buying stuff online.
  • Facebook Credits, a virtual currency (each “Credit” was worth a dime) for buying virtual goods on FarmVille and other Facebook-embedded games.
  • Autofill with Facebook, which was meant to use Facebook credentials to buy things outside Facebook (It required users to add their credit card information into Facebook).
  • Facebook Inbox, which gave each Facebook users an @facebook.com email address.
  • Facebook FBML, Facebook’s failed attempt to replace HTML with its own proprietary version.
  • Facebook Lite, which was a minimalist version of Facebook.
  • Facebook Poke, the company’s first attempt at a Snapchat killer.
  • Facebook Slingshot, the company’s second attempt at a Snapchat killer.
  • Facebook Questions, which is a kind of polling feature that was tried and then discontinued.
  • Facebook Places, a response to the then success of Foursquare, enabled users to check in to locations and share their locations on Facebook.
  • Frictionless sharing, an approach to sharing without user intervention promoted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at F8 in 2011.
  • Facebook Beacon, an idea for Facebook to track what users bought online, then share that information with Facebook advertisers so they could be targeted better with Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Sponsored Stories, a way to convert “Likes” into testimonials, often without the permission of users. A $20 million lawsuit led to a settlement and the killing of Sponsored Stories.
  • The Facebook Phone, also called the HTC First, which flopped disastrously.

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