Reading : God is Not Great, The Case Against Religion by Christopher Hitchens


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I get so tired of hearing the same old refrain from the millions of people scrambling to get into either Europe or the US. They are all looking for that elusive “better life”. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the assumption that, somehow, Western nations are obligated – OBLIGATED – to provide it for them.

We – everyone reading this – and our ancestors worked hard to create the life and environment we enjoy today. Millions of us created our laws, courts, buildings, roads, companies, military, and our nation’s good name. Why are we expected to allow newcomers to enjoy the fruits of our labors at no cost?

There must be a cost because absent that cost – and an insistence on its payment in full – is where the trouble begins. It is where the seeds of radicalization are sown. What is the cost of living here? One word: Assimilation. In full.

Newcomers must be disabused of the notion that they can move to the US or Europe and continue being or living as they did before. They must understand that they will be expected to become fluent in English within a certain time frame or out you go. You can practice whatever religion you like but you cannot, under any circumstances, foist it on someone else. It strikes me that broadcasting the call to prayer five times a day qualifies as foisting.

You can’t move here and continue abusing women or treating them as anything but equals. Here, we take our honor seriously but we don’t kill over it. Or throw acid or hot oil on people. If you want us to accept you, try hard to fit in. Try dressing, talking, and behaving like us. By the way, that will go a long way towards getting you a job.

If we continue accepting non-assimilation out of political correctness, we allow these people to congeal into enclaves and ghettos. In such an isolated environment thinking becomes an echo chamber where no fresh air enters. It’s no wonder they are easy picking for radicalization.