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Putin The Price Of Oil Down

Was a recent visit by Secretary of State, John Kerry to King Abdullah at his summer residence, as was reported as part of Kerry’s campaign to secure Arab support in the fight against the Islamic State, or was it also most likely on the agenda, to do what happened in the late 80’s to the USSR by trying to ruin the Russian economy?

To do this, Secretary asked the Saudis to :

  1. to raise production and
  2. to cut its crude price.

Please also keep in mind these important numbers: The Saudis produce a barrel of oil for less than $30 as break-even in the national budget; the Russians need $105.

Shortly after Secretary Kerry’s visit, the Saudis began increasing production, and sure enough — by more than 100,000 barrels daily during the rest of September, with more apparently to come. Last week they dropped the price of Arab Light by 45 cents a barrel, Bloomberg News just reported. This has proven a market mover, sending prices to $78 a barrel.

Is this just conjecture? Well as Winter is on its way and across some the production oil market like Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Venezuela they are having serious issues in producing oil, plus most OPEC members are crying out for some relief, the biggest oil producers, the Saudis movements have actually ‘dropped’ prices and intend to drop them further with further actions.

Putin is losing his geo-strategic footing and his foreign-policy accomplishments over the last year should not be overestimated, as by annexing Crimea, he lost Ukraine, and by “freezing” Donbas, he has buried his quasi-imperial EEU dream once and for all, and Russia’s economy is going to get a lot worse, but can Putin and the Russian Government survive?

Yes They Did Land On The Moon

Apollo 17 Landing Site

Yes They Did Land On The Moon
7th September 2011

Since the moon landings in the late 60’s and early 70’s, there has been constant stories from conspiracy nuts about how all the moon landings were faked and actually filmed in a Studio in Area 51 in Nevada. If they were faked then how come the USSR didn’t say anything? How can you keep a secret with hundreds of thousands of people working in NASA and companies associated with the program at the time? Well you don’t, and the USSR didn’t say anything as they knew it was true.

A week ago NASA released new images of the landing sites which show footprints, tracks from the buggy, equipment and even the Lunar lander stage that was left on each site.

The image made available by NASA shows paths left by walking astronauts, single lines, and lunar buggy tracks, parallel lines, from the 1972 U.S. Apollo 17 moon mission. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter made this and other photographs of lunar landing sites from 13 to 15 miles above the moon’s surface.

The article and photos can be read here

These photos seen here (click on them to make them larger) show conclusive proof that we were on the moon. Maybe now the conspiracy nuts will shut up.

Apolle 12 Landing Site
Apollo 14 Landing Site