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Nokia Lumia 800 – UPDATE

Nokia Lumia 800 – UPDATE
23rd November 2011

Reports in the UK are saying Orange has sold out of the Nokia Lumia 800, and other phone companies such as Vodafone and ‘3’ have also been selling the phones like ‘hotcakes’. Owning one now for a week now I’m impressed by the OS (WP7) and the phone itself. The naysayers of WP7 Windows have been reporting that sales are not as expected. Hmm, selling out at one phone company and stock very low in others doesn’t sound like sales are no good. Reviews of those who have bought the Nokia Lumia 800 have been very positive. Today I took some photos early in the morning as fog blanketed the city ( and then lifted). Photos below.

Westminster Bridge, London, UK
London Eye, London, UK
Embankment, London, UK

Big Ben, London, UK
London Eye, London, UK

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